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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

Franchise D&I Solutions helps clients advance organizational missions and goals through diversity and inclusion strategies that lead to increased employee satisfaction and performance, increased innovation and ideation and increased market share.



THE Diversity Business Case:

In today’s world, there must be a C-Suite position for diversity in order for the organization to harness the rich diversity that exists at every level in the organization, and to include it in decision making, problem solving, customer service, product development and innovation to produce better outcomes and results for customers and shareholders.

THE Problem: Diversity case studY

Oct, 2019 - Buffalo Wild Wings (Chicago Area)

A mostly African American party of 15 was asked by the Manager to move to another table at the request of a known racist patron who did not want black people to sit near him. The incident was posted on Facebook and went viral. Buffalo Wild Wings fired the employees involved and diversity training and other action for all employees has been recommended.

THE Solution:

Franchise D&I Solutions, LLC is a necessary resource support system for organizations and diversity professionals that understand the important
correlation between diversity & inclusion and success. 


The mission of Franchise D&I Solutions is to provide diversity & inclusion strategies to advance organizational missions and goals.




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