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Faces of Power: 80% are White, Even as the US Becomes More Diverse

New York Times, September 9, 2020

The most powerful people in the United States pass our laws, run Hollywood’s studios and lead the most prestigious universities. They own pro sports teams and determine who goes to jail and who goes to war. A review by The New York Times of more than 900 officials and executives in prominent positions found that about 20 percent identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, multiracial or otherwise a person of color. About 40 percent of Americans identify with one of those groups. Even where there have been signs of progress, greater diversity has not always translated to more equal treatment. Inclusive Viewpoint: The poignancy of this article is the 'Faces' that are displayed that dramatically show the 80% disparity and imbalance of power across multiple industries and sectors of our society. The stifling grip of 'Systemic Bias' on our society is as clear as the faces seen in this article. With the changes in the faces of what America looks like MUST also come changes in the faces of what Opportunity looks like.

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