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'Redlining' in Lending is Still a Problem in America in 2023

A practice that started in the 1930's after the great depression called 'Redlining' seems to be still alive and well at Los Angeles-based City National Bank. The Justice Department announced today an agreement to resolve allegations that City National engaged in a pattern or practice of lending discrimination by “redlining” in Los Angeles County, a very diversely-populated county. City National is the largest bank headquartered in Los Angeles and among the 50 largest banks in the United States. This resolution will include over $31 million in relief to impacted individuals and communities which represents the largest redlining settlement in history. Inclusive Viewpoint: 'Old habits are hard to break'. Discrimination is WRONG and illegal, but some companies allow these practices to become their culture. Practicing inclusion is the best way to change a discriminatory culture.

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