Forbes Magazine: 5 Ways Tech Companies Can Retain Their Diverse Talent

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

From the recently published Facebook Annual Diversity Report, there are 5 successful strategies to consider for the best way to retain diverse talent: 1. Take a demographic assessment of your employees at every level of hierarchy; 2. Examine (and re-examine) the talent pipeline and the hiring / section procedures in the organization; 3. Make sure each employee has an included voice that is heard during business interactions; 4. Integrate periodic team building activities into each business unit that are developed and driven by team members; and 5. Tie diversity and inclusion goals and objectives cross-functionally to your business managerial goals and objectives. Inclusive Viewpoint: It you don’t include (use) diversity in core bottom-line functions of your organization, you will lose that diversity to an organization that does (‘use it or lose it’).

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