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Huffington Post: A CEO And A Teen Activist Have A Candid Conversation About Inclusion

What brings people together is not their differences, but what they have in common. For a 13-year-old teen activist, and the CEO of Perdue Farms, a nearly 100-year-old company — that common ground is a shared commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive world. One of us grew frustrated from reading books in school in which white boys and their dogs were always the main characters, and wanted more black girl protagonists. One of us looked at business meetings and saw, with a few exceptions, people who looked just like him. He grew frustrated by the sameness, and wanted a company that better reflected its employees, communities, customers and consumers. At the end of the conversation, they both agreed to: 1. Celebrate the diversity in their voices; 2. Make inclusion a priority; and 3. Move beyond equality to equity. Inclusive Viewpoint: Kudos to CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion for bringing these two together for this conversation. We can learn so much from each other if we would simply sit down, talk about what concerns us and seek to understand each other’s views on how to address the concerns we share.

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