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New York Times: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Tops Box Office Proving Power of Diversity (Again)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Powered by jubilant reviews and pent-up demand for a major Hollywood film led by Asian stars, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ took in a strong $25.2 million at North American theaters over the weekend, easily enough for No. 1. It was the best result for a PG-13 romantic comedy in six years — since “Think Like a Man,” which featured an all-black primary cast and collected $33 million over its first three days. “This shows — once again, with emphasis — that true diversity matters,” Brad Simpson, a “Crazy Rich Asians” producer, wrote in an email on Sunday. “Audiences are tired of seeing the same stories with the same characters. And we have to give people a reason to get off their couch or devices. We have to give them something different.” Inclusive Viewpoint: Civil Rights Leader Rev. Jesse L. Jackson has said ‘We never knew how good baseball could be until everyone could play’. The same analogy can be made to the silver screen with movies like Crazy Rich Asians which has provided talented Asian actors a platform to show how good movies can be when they are allowed to ‘play’.

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