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The Impact of Perception and Bias on Leadership

It is increasingly important that leaders learn to be more aware of the mental processes that can impact their judgments and decisions. This kind of awareness can enable them to become more open and understanding of the diverse issues and points of view that can impact every decision they make on behalf of the business. To cultivate such awareness, particularly when it comes to perception and biases, leaders need to practice a non-judgmental stance driven by curiosity and a desire to understand. The lenses of "right" and "wrong" are not helpful, as they can easily elicit defensiveness and a fight-or-flight response that only exacerbates biases and ineffective perceptions. Inclusive Viewpoint: Leaders must listen to understand not listen to respond. The value of diversity is the different perspectives others bring to solve problems, make decisions and innovate. Diversity and Inclusion cannot thrive in a ‘right or wrong’, ‘my way or the high way’ leadership environment.

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